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Amr Diab Still Going Strong

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Who doesn’t know Amr Diab or at least danced to a version of Nour El-Ain with it’s infectious dance rhythms and Mediterranean flavor or Leily Nhary, Tamally Ma3ak, or Amarain?  Arab wedding parties include at least three of those songs.  An English version of Nour El-Ain, Habibi, has been hugely successful in South America, Asia, Europe, and South Africa.  He burst onto the music scene in the mid eighties, and, “has ruled the Arab music world, especially Egypt and the Middle East…continually breaking sales records” according to the BBC.  Amr Diab, at 54 years old, is still going strong.  He released a new album, “Ahla We Ahla” in April of this year.

Father of Mediterranean Music

He has been dubbed, “the father of of Mediterranean music” for his blending of Egyptian, Western, and Spanish rhythms.  World Music has awarded him four times as the best selling Middle Eastern artist.  This attracted famous singers like Shakira to sample, mix or collaborate on songs with him. Although Tupac died in 1996, his song, “Baby Don’t Cry” was remixed with Amr Diab singing the Arabic version.  Listen to Hona Radio USA the voice of Arab Americans, to hear more Amr Diab songs.

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