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Clinton First Woman Nominated for US President

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America made history on Tuesday with the presidential nomination of Hillary Clinton by the Democratic National Committee.  It took Clinton two runs, including one against Barack Obama in 2008, to break through this final glass ceiling for women.  Women across the country, whether supporters or haters of Hillary, appreciate the significance of the United States being on the verge of electing its first female president.  Former president Bill Clinton spoke passionately about his wife.  He painted a picture of a determined activist who “would never quit on you.”  He also talked about a softer Hillary: a young student, a wife, and mother.

Shaky Start to DNC Convention

The DNC Convention in Philadelphia started out divisive with the supporters of Bernie Sanders expressing their outrage both inside and outside the convention.  Leaked emails showed that some of the DNC staff discussed sabotaging Bernie Sanders in order to help Hillary Clinton win the nomination.  On Monday, the DNC committee and Clinton’s supporters spent the day trying to soothe Sanders’ “Bernie or Bust” group who booed speakers and tried to disrupt the convention.  The powerful speeches of Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders helped calm delegates that night.  Last night Bernie Sanders stood with his Vermont delegation and made the call to officially nominate Clinton as the party’s nominee.  Some of his followers walked out in protest. The Clinton camp hopes that by the time she speaks on Thursday night, there will be no lingering anger from those delegates.

Hillary May Join Other Women Leaders

Hillary Clinton may become the first female US president but other women have tried almost since women got the right to vote. The United States may finally catch up to other countries across the globe who have already broken that glass ceiling for women leaders.  Do you remember Benazir Bhutto, Margaret Thatcher, and Golda Meir?  Today, 13 women including Angela Merkel of Germany, Hasina Wajed of Bangladesh, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia, and Dilma Rousseff of Brazil continue to blaze a path for global women leaders.



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