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Cristiano Ronaldo is denying rape allegations made against him

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The soccer player’s lawyers told Reuters they are seeking punishment against Der Spiegel magazine for publishing “inadmissible reporting of suspicions in the area of privacy.” According to the magazine, the victim named Kathryn Mayorga, alleges Ronaldo raped her in June 2009 at a Palms Place hotel room in Las Vegas.

The 34-year-old claims she vocally said, “no,” to the athlete’s advances, but he apparently ignored her pleas. Afterwards, she claims he fell to his knees and apologized. Mayorga’s lawyer, Leslie Mark Stovall, claims they later settled the case outside of court, with Mayorga agreeing to never speak of the alleged incident again, in return for $375,000.

Now, nearly ten years after settling the dispute, Mayorga and Stovall are seeking to invalidate the non-disclosure agreement.

Stovall explained to Der Spiegel, “The purpose of this lawsuit is to hold Cristiano Ronaldo responsible within a civil court of law for the injuries he has caused Kathryn Mayorga and the consequences of those injuries.”

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