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Do you know this bunny?

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Do you know this bunny? Internet tries to return stuffed bunny found at Target

While covering shifts at the South Shore Plaza Target store in Braintree, Massachusetts, last week, Kimberly Davies Shipley noticed a well-loved stuffed bunny in the store’s lost and found bin. The bunny had been there for over 30 days, and Target’s policy is to donate items that stay in the lost and found bin that long to an approved donation center.

The bunny’s time was up, but Shipley, a 37-year-old mother of two from Weymouth, Massachusetts, couldn’t bear to let it go. “When I saw the bunny, I just couldn’t put it in the bag for donation,” she told TODAY Parents. “Thinking about my own kids losing a loved toy, I set it aside on my desk.”

Shipley took a picture of the stuffed animal and decided to post it to a local moms’ group, figuring someone might recognize “what was clearly a very loved bunny.” Members of the group shared the post on Facebook, and it has now been shared over 7,600 times — but no one has claimed the lost Jellycat brand bunny yet.

Source: http://www.today.com/parents/stuffed-bunny-lost-target-sparks-internet-search-t106775

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