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Elissa – Nine Albums Strong

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Lebanese singer Elissa, born Elissa Khoury, has been in the music business since 1992 when she won a silver medal in the music competition, Studio El Fan. Her latest song is Saharna Ya Leil from the album, Halet Hob released in 2014. through Rotana.  She released her first album, Baddi Doub in 1992. She followed that album with W’akherta Ma’ak in 2001 and Ayshalak in 2002.  Elissa made a crossover song with Chris DeBurgh, an Irish singer, called Lebanese Nights, in 2002.  In 2007 and 2009, she release her albums Ayami Beek and Tesadaa Bemeen, respectively.  Her album released in 2012, As’ad Wahda, garnered acclaim.  Since then, she has received quite a lot of success.

Many Awards, High Acclaim

Elissa received three World Music Awards in 2005, 2006 and 2009 for Best Selling Artist from the Middle East.  Some other notable awards include the Murex d’Or for Best Female Artist, Best Lebanese Artist and Best Clip.  Elissa also won the Jordan Music Awards for Best Arab Female Artist. Big Apple Music awarded her for the Best Female Artist in the Middle East in 2010.  She again won the Murex d’Or awards for the Best Lebanese Singer and Best Arabic Song in 2013.  That same year, she became an X Factor judge on CBC.  MBC has since picked up the show and Elissa remained as a judge through 2015, according to the news site, Asharg Al-Awsat.

Brand Representative

Few world singers get lucrative deals with international brands.  Elissa and Pepsi made a deal in 2003 for her to represent them in the Arab world.  In fact, she and Christina Aguilera did a Pepsi commercial together in 2006 for the World Cup.  She also promoted Ray Ban in 2004.  Elissa looks to only be getting better with each successive song.  Longevity is the key, and she certainly has that with nine albums to her name.

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