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Google Wifi: price, release date and features

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Update: The Google Wifi router is officially up for preorder in the US! You can reserve your router through Amazon, Best Buy, the Google Store and Walmart. Note you can either purchase a single router for $129, or a 3-pack for $299. Look for the Google Wifi to release on December 6. 

Google has yet another router, but this time it’s more affordable. Meet Google Wifi, which starts at just $129, significantly lower than Google’s other, pricier line of OnHub routers.

You’ll be able to pre-order Google Wifi in November from the Google Store, Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart and the devices will ship in December. UK and AU pricing have not been announced yet.

So why did Google decide to release another router product when it already has OnHub? Whereas OnHub served as a single point of access to your home’s wireless network, Google Wifi forms a mesh network using multiple routers to cover your entire home.

Since you’ll need multiple Google Wifi devices to take advantage of its mesh capabilities, Google will sell a 3-pack of Google Wifi discs for $299.

“We launched the OnHub router last year to solve many of the everyday problems people encounter with home Wi-Fi,” Google wrote in a blog post following Wifi’s announcement.

“With Google Wifi, we’re building on that technology to create a system that provides seamless coverage for homes of any shape or size. OnHub and Google Wifi will work together, and we’ll continue to add new features to all of our Wi-Fi devices via automatic updates.”

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