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Hussein El-Deek Interviewed by DJ Tamer

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DJ Tamer had the pleasure of interviewing Hussein El-Deek on Hona Radio USA.   A popular Arab singer of Syrian descent, Hussein began his career with the song “Nater Benet El Madersi.”  He gained international success with “El Donia Zghereh.”  His 2013 song, “Gheirik Ma Bakhtar,” was viewed over 2 million times on Youtube.  His popularity has steadily grown, especially since the 2013 launch of his “official” Facebook page.  Fans can track his latest shows and public appearances there.

Hussein’s latest song, released January 2016, is “Ma7laki.”  The official video clip published in March of this year has been watched over 8 million times on Youtube.  His other most popular song download is No2tet Da’3fe.  Catch DJ Tamer Yahya’s interview with Hussein El-Deek on Top Twenty.  Listen to DJ Tamer for the latest updates and music on Hona Radio USA, the voice of Arab Americans.



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