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Leah Jenner has officially filed for divorce from Brandon Jenner.

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According to court papers, Leah Jenner has filed divorce documents in Los Angeles. She is seeking spousal support. The date of separation is listed as July 10, 2018.In a joint statement issued on Sept. 10, the former reality TV stars and singer-songwriters broke the news that after six years of marriage and 14 years together they’d be going their separate ways.

“Even though we have chosen to separate as a couple, we still love one another very, very much and remain a major part of each other’s lives—as best friends, family and loving parents to our daughter,” the statement read in part. “There has been no lying or cheating or fighting that prompted this change, just an expansion of our individual evolution which has inspired us to support each other in a new way. We are still very much a loving family and are bonded by a deep connection that is rooted in love.”

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