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Libya: A Striking Blend of Arab and African

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Libya is a beautiful Arab country in North Africa. Tunisia and Algeria sit to her west, Chad, Niger and Sudan to the south, and Egypt lies in the east.  Known for her Berber tribes and historical significance during WWII, Libya has an indelible world presence. She survived incursions and wars, and continues to thrive because of the character and diversity of her people.  Rather than discuss her current political troubles, let us look at Libya, instead, through the eyes of a tourist.

Roman Ruins in Libya

Libya was crisscrossed by many invaders over time, like other Arab countries across the Middle East and North Africa. Some left visible signs of their presence while others were erased by the harsh, desert sands. The Romans left an indelible impression on the country, at least in monuments and ruins.  Two of the most well known ancient Roman cities are Sabratha and Leptis Magna, which still has a theatre and Roman bath.

Greeks Left A Mark

Greek’s left their monuments and ruins in eastern Libya too. There is still a standing temple dedicated to Zeus in the city of Cyrene.  Assaraya al-Hamra or the Red Castle is an actual castle inside the city of Tripoli.  Martyr’s Square contains the Jamahiriya Museum and is the central point of the city.  There is also the Bazaar which is the shopping district for tourists.

Some natural beauties are in the north along the Mediterranean Sea.  Distinct rock formations jut out along the coast and make for a fantastic view as you drive by.  How about a camel ride through the Sahara and its variety of oases including Ghadames, Jufra, Wadi Eshati, Kufra, Ghat, and Wadi Elhayat?  The hills and mountains balance the flat desert space and adds to the overall beauty of Libya.  Listen to Entesar Betelmal on Hona Radio Tour at Hona Radio USA, the voice of Arab Americans.

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