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President Obama Fully Backs Hillary Clinton

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What a Wednesday night for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.  When President Obama addressed the packed convention, he said, “there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not Bill, nobody more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America.”  The room exploded into applause and cheers.  Then Clinton showed up on stage and received a hug from Obama to a standing ovation.  During his historic speech, Obama reviewed his accomplishments, his disappointments, and the need to compromise to get things done.  At one point, he referred to Trump as a “homegrown demagogue” in the same sentence as “jihadists,” “fascists,” and “communists.”

Speakers Praise Clinton, Attack Trump

Obama’s final speech as the President closed out the evening.  Before him, other high profile speakers endorsed Clinton and attacked Donald Trump.  She had her surrogates speaking highly about her “readiness” to be president and attacking the sanity of Trump.  Leaders like NY billionaire and former mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and Vice President Joe Biden made their choice very clear as they spoke about who had the necessary qualifications to be Commander in Chief of the United States.  It was not Donald Trump.  Bloomberg spoke as a businessman who made his own money, contrasting himself with Trump’s rich beginning.  He went on to say, “I believe we need a president who is a problem solver, not a bomb thrower,”  Biden talked about Clinton’s track record of over 40 years of service to Americans.  Biden emphasized, “She’s always there, she’s always been there.”

Night of Hope and Inclusion

It was a stark contrast to the doom and gloom tone of the Republican convention in Cleveland.  Democratic speakers chose to show a positive, united America.  Each of them spoke about America still being great, continuing the message that First Lady Michelle Obama began.  Each speaker had a special group that they addressed during the night.  Some spoke to veterans, Republicans against Trump, antigun crowd, and even the LGBTQ.  Only Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine attempted to reach out to Latino voters when he sometimes broke into Spanish during his speech.  He talked about his mission work in Honduras when he was a college student.  Representative Keith Ellison called on viewers and the crowd to vote, “Not voting is not a protest, it is a surrender.”  It will be up to Hillary Clinton tonight to show America why she is the only choice for president.

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