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Tesla made history

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Tesla made history Tuesday when it announced a new battery upgrade that allows the Tesla Model S with Ludicrous to drive 315 miles on a single charge, but as many have already noticed, very few will be able to experience it.

Tesla’s latest battery upgrade means the Model S with Ludicrous mode is the first electric car to surpass the 300-mile range mark. That’s a big deal, as a limited range is often seen as a weakness for EVs.

After all, it can be hard to justify shelling out thousands for a car that needs to be charged every 200 miles or so, especially when it can take hours to recharge without a SuperCharger. Sure, you may feel better about yourself buying the environmentally friendly car, but knowing you can pump up a good old combustion vehicle in three minutes at the gas station and drive for longer typically trumps that appeal.

Tesla finally passing the 300-mile mark shows that electric cars are heading in the right direction, but the problem is the battery upgrade only appeals to a very niche (read: wealthy) customer base.

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