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Tunisia: A Mediterranean Jewel

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Like other North African countries, Tunisia has historical connections to ancient Rome, Carthage, and Greece.  It is situated between Algeria and Libya with the Mediterranean Sea to the north.  There are many activities and attractions for tourists.  One main destination for those who love beaches and resorts is the island of Djerba.  The island offers all the amenities including boating, beaches, plenty of restaurants, and walks along the beach.  But there is also Tunis, the largest city with its souks, mosques, and museums. Hammamet is another beach destination known for its gardens and scents of Jasmine. The Port of Kantaoui is a resort for the more affluent traveler.  Visitors access beautiful white sand beaches, high end boutiques, golf courses and restaurants with a Mediterranean view.  One can take picturesque walks along cobblestoned streets and admire the architecture influenced by Moorish Spain.

Plenty of Historical Sites

Some people take vacations to enjoy history.  Tunisia has plenty of that with it being part of Phoenicia around 800 BCE. The city of Carthage, next to Tunis, contains ruins in the east, the Antonine baths, some Amphitheatres, and ancient villas.  There is even a museum dedicated to artifacts from that period.  There is also the Acropolium of Carthage, a Roman Catholic cathedral, dedicated to the King of France in 1830. If you are interested in Islamic architecture, then Kairouan is a great destination.  It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and has the Great Mosque and the Mosque of the Three Doors.

Tunisia is a beautiful blend of Arab, French, and Berber cultures.  It has done much to preserve its history and protect its natural resources.  Learn more by listening to Entessar’s Hona Tours on Hona Radio USA.

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