Hona Radio – Arabic Live Streaming Radio Station

Hona Radio USA is a dynamic expression of Arab culture through live streaming music, entertainment, talk shows and the arts. We have gathered a national and international team of media hosts and journalists from around the Arab world to immerse you in our rich culture and history, and to discuss current topics of interest.

For Arab Americans, it is a way to connect with fellow Arabians that are currently living abroad. Arab people “back home” can take a peek into the minds of Arab Americans and gain an understanding of our similarities and differences.

Hona Radio USA provides a social forum for our diverse communities who are connected by the beautiful Arab language. Located in the Washington DC metropolitan area, we produce quality programs that go beyond music. We touch on the daily interests of listeners, whether it’s politics or fitness, history or art.

DC is the hub of all things international and so Hona Radio USA has access to all the major Arab-American groups, embassies, and cultural centers. Hona provides a glimpse into what Arabs are thinking, watching and most importantly, doing.

Hona Radio USA spent several years researching what was missing from other Arabic Radio Stations in the USA.

While we can’t be everything to everyone, we are determined to provide quality programs that reflect all the amazing achievements of Arabs, both here and abroad.

With over twelve different hosts and more than twenty shows, we cover subjects from Arab cuisine to comedy, current events from the world of politics, and even the nostalgic days of cinema and music. We currently have four different stations tailored to listeners in Egypt, Sudan, the Khaleej, and the USA.

Soon we will be adding stations for listeners in the Sham and North Africa. Twenty-four hours is not enough time to hear the amazing programming on Hona Radio USA.