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Aries Spears’s Ex-Wife Gets Restraining Order Against His Ex-Girlfriend for Crazy Car Chase

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Aries Spears‘ ex-wife says his ex-girlfriend chased her to her front door with their car … and now she’s going to a judge for protection.

Aries’ ex-wife, Elisa Larregui, got a restraining order against Shelayne Turner for alleged harassment and threats she says she’s endured for 9 years … all of which hit a boiling point earlier this month in what sounds like a crazy chase.

Elisa claims Shelayne and her 2 daughters threatened her and called her a bitch while she was locked in her car, and then proceeded to follow her in their own car to her front door … promising to be back. Elisa also claims Shelayne nearly attacked her with a crowbar in 2012.

She says Shelayne is jealous of her and Aries, who she says she’s still married to … despite them getting divorced in 2014. She also says Shelayne hates the fact that Elisa has 2 of Aries’ kids.

Elisa says she fears Shelayne will attack and possibly even kill her and her kids. A judge signed off on a temporary restraining order … requiring Shelayne to stay at least 100 yards away from Elisa and her kids.

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