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Auston Mathews Scores 4 Times in Debut

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Auston Mathews was taken 1st overall in the NHL draft in June.

He scored 3 goals on his first 3 shots, and added one later on a 2-1 breakaway to score his 4th of the game. Despite his heroic game the Maple lLeafs still lost 5-4 to the Senators.

Mathews did take blame for the loss as he failed to pick up the guy who scored the game winning goal, but I’m sure the team can move on from that because of his 4 goal performance. Mathews set a record with the most goals of a rookie’s debut for the NHL.  The NHL just may have another superstar in Auston Mathews.

Source: http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/17782238/auston-matthews-toronto-maple-leafs-records-four-goals-nhl-debut

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