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Why the best smartwatch for your iPhone isn’t made by Apple

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Why the best smartwatch for your iPhone isn’t made by Apple

Samsung pushes the smartwatch Frontier

The best watch for the iPhone isn’t made by Apple. It’s a Samsung creation.

I was already a big fan of the Gear S3 Frontier when it came out late last year, but Samsung’s decision to add robust iOS support to its latest smartwatch has pushed my enthusiasm for the device over the top — and the Apple Watch from my wrist.

The Gear S3 comes in two designs, classic and Frontier. The Frontier is one of those chunky watches, like something you might wear while hiking or going for a run. It’s slightly thick for a regular watch, but considering the fact that it can also function as a stand-alone phone, I’m willing to overlook the additional bulk. Besides, that never really bothered me.

The watch includes a bevel that can be rotated to interact with apps, a heart rate sensor, two buttons and a round, vibrant touchscreen face. It’s also a clear step up from the Gear S2, Samsung’s 2015 smartwatch, which is an important distinction when you start comparing it to Apple’s approach to the smartwatch.

 In 2015, the Apple Watch was the clear winner among the slew of smartwatches that hit the market that year. While the Pebble, a strong contender with support across platforms, was a close second, it was also the sort of tech that required an admiration for how and why it was built to truly appreciate it.
Source: http://www.polygon.com/2017/1/20/14342232/samsung-gear-s3-review

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