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Brad Pitt Dating Kate Hudson

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Brad Pitt Dating Kate Hudson

Oliver Hudson has a bone to pick with Brad Pitt.

The Rules of Engagement actor took to Instagram on Friday to jokingly unleash a massive list of fake grievances he has against Pitt. The motivation for the hilarious rant was the cover of a tabloid that claimed — with zero evidence — that his sister, actress Kate Hudson, is dating the Ocean’s Eleven star.

“He drinks out of the f— carton and he leaves the door open when he’s taking a dump!!” the 40-year-old actor jokingly vented. “And this is when he’s at MY house!!! He’s already calling me brother and has driven a wedge between myself and my real brother Wyatt who now won’t speak to me.”

Source: http://people.com/movies/kate-hudson-brad-pitt-dating-oliver-hudson-joke/

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