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Ex-Lakers PG Marcelo Huertas Says NBA Players Are ‘Babies’

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Marcelo Huertas had a rough run with the L.A. Lakers … and now he’s clapping back at his former team and the NBA for how they coddle their superstars.

“In the NBA, players are babies … everyone is afraid of dealing with the athletes,” Huertas told Brazilian hoops blog Bala na Cesta.

“That’s not a thing in Europe. If you step over the line, you’re punished athletically, financially, you’re thrown out, suspended, whatever the hell. That doesn’t exist in the NBA. I would see things and say, ‘There’s no way this is possible.”‘

Marcelo — a Euroleague veteran — says his 2 seasons with the Lakers were pretty tough on him emotionally … claiming he put in a TON of hard work, even mentoring his younger point guard competition, just to ride the pine.

“Everything you can imagine, I would do it. If it had been in Europe I would’ve played.”

FYI, Huertas averaged 15 minutes — and 4 points a game — in L.A. He’s back playing in Spain now.

As for the Lakers … got a feeling they’ll be OK at the point.

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