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Facebook is coming to your TV

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Facebook is coming to your TV

The social network is launching an app for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Facebook is also turning up the volume on autoplay videos (if your phone’s sound is on).

Facebook wants to be a bigger part of your living room.

On Tuesday, the social network said it’s launching an app for set-top boxes, including Apple TV, Amazon‘s Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV.

The app will let you watch all the videos you’d normally watch on Facebook on a bigger screen. That includes Facebook Live videos, as well as videos uploaded by friends and brands on the social network.

Dan Rose, Facebook’s vice president of partnerships, first made the announcement at Recode’s Code Media conference. The app is coming “soon.”

For Facebook, the fine line between tech company and media company is becoming even more blurry. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said this is the “new golden age of video,” and he wants Facebook to be a place people come back to over and over again for videos. But his company has also been grappling with difficult questions about editorial responsibility when it comes to content on Facebook.

Source: https://www.cnet.com/news/facebook-tv-app-apple-amazon-autoplay-sound/


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