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iPhone 8 launch live blog: we’re live from the Steve Jobs Theater

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One of the biggest days in the smartphone calendar is finally upon us. Welcome to iPhone launch day! We expect Apple to take the covers off a number of handsets, along with a new smartwatch and possibly a new Apple TV as well.

The big announcement looks to be the iPhone X (previously referred to as the iPhone 8), which is tipped to boast a bezeless display, no home button and facial recognition.

It won’t be alone though, with two further handsets rumored to show up alongside it – although things are getting confusing here when it comes to naming.

Originally rumored to be the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, it now looks like those two devices will be called the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Got that? Good.

If you’re still a little confused, fear not, as we’ll be steering you through the whole event today with our iPhone X launch live blog.

The iPhone X launch will take place on September 12, 2017 at 10am PST (San Francisco), 1pm EST (New York), 6pm BST (London), 10.30pm IST (Delhi), while in Australia you’re looking at 3am AEST on September 13.

iPhone 8 live blog

All times are PST

09.20 – And we’re in! Welcome, for the first time, to the Steve Jobs Theater. We’re glad you’re joining us for this ride – should be a good one.

Inside the bunker, sorry, Steve Jobs Theater

09.10 – There’s talk that the Apple Watch 3 may not arrive, and instead we’ll get an Apple Watch 2 LTE.

09.00 – There’s just an hour until Apple’s Special Event kicks off. Join us for a little tour round the Steve Jobs Theater.

08.30 – Apple’s new home is pretty sweet. Lots of clean lines, glass and “new building” smells to take in.

Exploring Apple’s new campus

07.25 – Oh, hi there official Apple event badge. We’ve got the ticket, now all we need is to get in.

06.49 – Sunrise! And a ray of light sneaks its way through a crack in Tim Cook’s bedroom curtains.

“Siri, open the curtains” he murmurs, and he is slowly bathed in more light as the drapes retract.

“Siri, read my schedule”

‘You have an appointment at 10am. At 10am you have Apple Special Event’

“Mmmmm excellent, another half hour in bed then.”

While we wait for Tim to rise, there’s plenty to be getting excited about. Imagine if we got AirPods 2, or even a new iPod! The possibilities people, they’re out there!

05.00 – Just when we thought we’d got Apple’s naming figured out, a curve ball is hurled in our direction. How do you feel about the ‘iPhone X Edition’?

That’s what the latest leak suggests it’ll be called, although it does feel a little clunky for Apple.

04.00 – It’s the post we love to hate… THE APPLE STORE IS DOWN PEOPLE!


Right, now we’ve got that out of our system, back to work. Less than six hours to go now. Huzzah.

Come back!!!!

03.30 PST – Six short hours (and a bit) to go! We’re awake in San Francisco – early bird catches the worm and all that (definitely not jet lag…) – and are preparing ourselves for the big show.

We’re wondering which celebs will grace us with their presence this year, and that’s got us thinking about iPhone launches of old. In fact, we’ve put together an article of our favorite iPhone moments – why not check it out?

01.30 PST – Tim Cook is likely tucked up in bed, dreaming of the rapturous applause he’ll get when he steps out on stage at the Steve Jobs Theater, but for those of you already awake check out our comprehensive round-ups of what you can expect from Apple today.

Source: TechNology

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