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Jay Gruden Defends Red zone Play Calls

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Jay Gruden Defends Red zone Play Calls

The main reason the Redskins failed to win Sunday was because of the failures in the red zone. Upset fans and critics blamed the play calling in which the Redskins threw 4 fades instead of running the ball in.

Gruden claimed they were “very good matchups”, and then said they will try the fade again “next week if [they] have to.” The real question here is why they haven’t forced the ball to Jordan Reed. He was the main red zone threat for the Skins last year.

So in a divisional game to avoid going 0-2 they decide the feed a rookie wr who was injured the whole summer.

Look we all know the guy is tall, and has the potential be really good, but you have the

2nd best TE in the league. Just FEED REED and they should be more successful.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2016/09/19/jay-gruden-defends-his-game-plan-as-critics-throw-shade-at-the-fade/

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