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Kelly Clarkson Talks About Raising Her ”Bossy” Kids

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As a mother to a three-year-old and a two-year-old, The Voicejudge sure has her hands full, especially since her kiddos tend to be a bit “bossy.”Clarkson proved her point by telling Ellen DeGeneres all about how her “authoritative” daughter River Rose took a family member on an animated tour of the Ellen DeGeneres Show studio saying, “She showed my sister around and my sister came back and was like, ‘I think she thinks she’s like a head of this building.'”

And her mini-me‘s attitude doesn’t just apply to the Ellen Showstudio, she also likes to boss around her little brother Remington. “She’ll push him down and think like we won’t figure it out, like how was he standing and now he is on the ground?” she joked.

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