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Nicki Minaj Rents Same Turks & Caicos House As Kylie Jenner

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If the walls of Nicki Minaj‘s Turks & Caicos birthday rental could talk, they’d whisper something about Kylie Jenner‘s ass celebration on the same $35 million estate.

Nicki’s been there with her mom and several friends celebrating her 34th. We’re told Meek Mill was there too, but left early.

If you look past Nicki’s body, you might recognize the house … since this is where Kylie had her 19th birthday party in August. She got the pad comp’d through Airbnb, but we’re told Nicki threw down major stacks to stay there. The going rate is about $10k per night for 3 oceanside villas.

One look at the place, and even that steep price feels worth it.


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