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The Redskins Fail to Win a Gift Wrapped Game

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The Redskins Fail to Win a Gift Wrapped Game

Down 13-10 at halftime the Redskins came out at full speed going up 17-13. Dallas answered right back making it 20-17.

The Cowboys tried to complete a surprise onside kick, but failed.

Giving the Redskins the ball in great field position. The Redskins Kicked a field goal, and tied it up. On the next possession Dallas fumbled deep in their own territory , but the Skins only got 3.

In the 4th quarter the Redskins had the ball inside the Dallas 10 with a chance to go up by 10. However, Cousins threw an interception giving Dallas a chance to win. They drove down the field and old

Redskin Morris punched it in. Earlier in the game Cousins missed a wide open Crowder for what would’ve been a touchdown. Overall Cousins and the Redskins failed to win a game that they had the

potential to win by 20 just from all the chances the cowboys gave them.

Its only the end of week 2, but next week is now a must win for Washington.

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