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Supercharge your smartphone photography with Black Friday deals

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Smartphones are just swell. They’re a phone, music player, gaming machine, portable Netflix and more in our pockets, but one of their greatest features are the cameras.
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They’re great for capturing special moments, crazy going-ons and impromptu foam parties, but if you want more from your smartphone snapper you don’t have to buy a whole new handset.

There’s a wealth of accessories you can use to enhance your mobile snapping experience, and with Black Friday deals incoming there’s no better time to pick up additional extras for your phone.

Here are some of our favourite smartphone camera accessories to keep an eye out for this Black Friday.

Lens enhancement

One of the best ways to improve the camera on your smartphone is with another lens. A number of companies offer clip on lenses for your smartphone, giving you various effects such as wide-angle, fish-eye and telephoto.

Olloclip is one of the most well known brands and focuses mainly on iPhones, but there’s a wealth of options out there for a variety of different handsets.

Steady as you snap

Most phones are pretty good at fighting against your wobbly arms (especially those with ‘OIS’ – optical image stabilisation) – but you can’t always be guaranteed a steady, shake-free and level shot.

Invest in a tripod though and you’ll be able to set up the perfect photo – and you can even feature in it yourself. Smartphone tripods don’t have to be expensive – like this best seller on Amazon – and you could bag yourself a real bargain this Black Friday by keeping your eyes peeled.

Flash, ahhhhhh!

Whether it’s a single or double LED mounted on the back of your smartphone, there’s only so much the dinky lights can do in darker situations.

Brighten up your low-light shots with a dedicated flash unit, and with a range of sizes and modes you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for you.

Smashing selfies

Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying selfie sticks are actually rather useful, helping you crop out your arm and gain a more flattering angle for your pouts.

What’s better is they’re pretty cheap already, and that means you could well see some silly Black Friday deals. We’d recommend opting for a stick with a built in camera shutter in the handle for the ultimate ease of use.

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