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Most Unusual and Weird Business Cards

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25+ Most Unusual and Weird Business Cards

High impact business cards make people remember you, try these strange and unusual designs

Useful Business Card Ideas

Business cards are insanely useful, since they are discrete, easily carried in wallets or pockets. A business card can communicate a key message and identity very quickly indeed. The card can instantly pass on phone numbers, email address, Skype and instant messenger details and vital web site information.

One of the best aspects of a business card and where it surpasses more modern forms of communication is in its flexibility. On a night out, or in a location with no cell signal a business card can be used to pass on key information when modern technology fails or simply isn’t available.

25+ Most Unusual and Weird Business Cards

In today’s article I’ve compiled a collection of over 25 most unusual and weird business cards which really say a lot about the businesses they represent. These are high impact business card designs.

They demonstrate that with some creative flair business cards can convey a message with a punch that recipients will not forget in a hurry.

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